T3 series: Student centered art lesson tutorials on CD-ROM
(recommended for grades 6-12)

What exactly is the T3 series?

The T3 series is a new line of products designed to provide standards based student centered instruction and teacher support for easy integration of technology and visual arts lessons into an existing curriculum. Using these computer based audio visual tutorials a teacher can engage students in self directed learning aligned with National Standards for Visual Arts Education, International Technology Standards and National Standards for Mathematics.

The T3 series is not software that will further bog down already overloaded computers. Each series comes on an easy to use CD-ROM that students and teachers will find very user friendly. Simply insert the CD-ROM into any Windows based computer, select a video, double click and follow along with the audio-visual instruction. The beauty of the T3 series is that it provides a cost effective way to provide each student with the student centered instruction they need to be successful. Students take charge of their own learning and teachers simply facilitate the process.

What do the T3 series units help students learn?

Learn to Draw with Advanced Perspective Drawing advLogo
perspLogo Learn to create Perspective Designs
Learn to create Radial Designs radialLogo
tessLogoLearn to construct Tessellation Designs

What does the T3 series include?

We did all the work so you wouldn’t have to. The “Teacher version” CD-ROM comes complete with a suggested curriculum framework (using the Understanding by Design format), several instructional video tutorials, a printable criterion referenced performance assessment rubric, and various printable supplemental materials including sample design frameworks. The “Student version” of each unit includes all instructional tutorial videos. Visit www.T3series.com to find out more. The student versions are designed to be a cost effective way to turn any windows based computer into a individual student workstation providing clear and easy to follow standards based instruction that will engage your students. Finally you can focus your efforts on supporting students as they take the initiative and engage in learning at their own pace.

The T3 series and Web 2.0 technologies?

Join the T3 series Bulletin Board and enjoy this valuable resource that allows you and your students to access many special features such as the student gallery, frequently asked questions, and other teaching resources such as free downloadable Power Point presentations, and links to lesson plans. Using Web 2.0 features enables students to upload, explain, and respond to their own work and the work of others. We encourage students to view the work of other students around the world and to upload and share their own designs. We hope this will be a beneficial resource for you and your students.

What do teachers think about the T3 series?

“The Tessellation Designs unit has been an awesome investment for my art program. Each student was able to work at their own pace. Those who are more computer savvy were able to work on the different types of tessellations and push their own ability farther than I could have done as one teacher trying to assist 25 students. Those students, who were struggling, could rewind the video and see what steps they missed. All students seemed to love the challenge of creating tessellations using the computer and most were happy with the outcome of their efforts. I have had several students bring in tessellations designs that they completed at home on their computer after going through the tutorial at school! Obviously, this kind of program is important for students growing up in this technological age and I look forward to using this program and the radial design program with future classes.” -Julie (Visual Arts)

“Audrey loves using the programs. They are easy for her to follow. She only has use of her hands so things are easy for her to do with the mouse. She has learned how to do more than just paint now. She is just waiting for him to make more videos.” -Holly (Special Education)

“I have had the pleasure of using the tutorials for handicapped and hurt students. They all enjoyed it very much and were able to use them even with a hurt or broken hand. A student who can barely move her fingers was able to create some nice designs on her own without help. Thanks again for allow me to use it for some students that might otherwise have had to sit for the period of time they are injured.”-Sharon (High School Physical Education)

Is the T3 series a good investment for my program?

There is really only one way to find out if the T3 series is a good investment for your program and that is to try one out. Each purchase includes a 30 day, 100% customer satisfaction, money back guarantee with product return. With budget crunches the way they are these days, investing in new software is not necessarily the best way to engage students in learning to use technology. The T3 series tutorial CD’s were developed to be extremely cost effective providing an average of 150 minutes of audio-visual instruction. Each CD-ROM can be moved from one computer to the next with no installation of new software but using already existing applications on any Microsoft operating system Windows 98, XP, or Vista. These CD’s turn any windows based computer into a student directed learning center. Students simply follow along with the tutorial, controlling playback and moving along at their own pace. Each unit comes in two versions, a “Teacher version” which currently retails for $79.95 and a “Student version” for $39.95. We recommend at least one “Teacher Version,” since it contains all the important documents and supplemental materials, and one “Student Version” for each student computer that will be running. Each purchase includes a 30 day, 100% customer satisfaction, money back guarantee.

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